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Vulnerability is Dope T-Shirt
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THANK YOU AGAIN for another successful release of the shirt and for your continued support. Your enthusiasm really makes a world's difference for me and the message we're all trying to spread. Compassion will always win, love will always win. Thank you - til next time!


*Picture shown: Jiggy (Founder) and Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls — "She doesn't even go here!")*

Vulnerability is the most authentic human moment we could experience. It is an opportunity for love, compassion, empathy, trust, strength, and HONOR. Society has lied to us to believe that being emotional and being vulnerable means being weak. That's not true.

Human brains are literally WIRED to process and experience emotions (shoutouts to Neocortex and Amygdala). To tell each other to "stop being so emotional" or to "stop being so sensitive" is to tell each other to stop being human. If we don't allow ourselves to explore these emotions, humans turn to habits of self-destruction.

Contrary to popular believe, vulnerability doesn't have to be showcased by tears and crying. Vulnerability is any moment of stepping into the unknown or of exploring courage. Every time you step on stage, step on the mats, step in the ring, step into a job interview, ask your crush out on a date — that is all a moment of vulnerability.

I believe in the power of love. I believe in the power of a genuine, authentic human connection. I believe that every single one of us have the power to save someone else's life simply through honoring vulnerability and sharing compassion.

If you believe with me, join the movement!


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